CSGO game is one of the multiplayer type games and it’s initiated by first shooting person. Csgo is the fourth generation in counter-strike games version. The game played all kinds of Operating systems and Playstation3. It is updated like the player dress and weapons, etc.


The game is not played by an individual it’s played by a group of players. It commonly contains two teams each team contains five players. If you won, the game gave a lot of rewards.


They have two team names are:


  • Terrorists
  • Counter-Terrorists



Game Playing Method


The counter strike is an objective-based multiplayer game. The two teams repletely playing the game mode like securing a location, defuse a bomb, and securing hostages.


Global strike game contains eight game-playing modes:


  • Competitive
  • Deathmatch
  • Wingman
  • Casual
  • Flying Scotsman
  • Arms Race
  • Finally, Danger Zone


It has been received a lot of positive reviews from people. Estimated more than 11 million players added to the game per month. The best part of the game is you can choose the host and you can customize the game mode and map. It’s one of the matchmaking support systems. Another important thing is the matchmaking system also supports you to interact with a team member or community member.


Boosting Problem

The faceit boost service is a best way to boosting your level of game but it has some procedure to boosting. Some of the pay and they make their game to level to be illegal. The game developing company to inform their player or customer pay and level boosting we should not engager. We found that kind of account is to be banned permanently.


If we found someone gets boosted their game level, we can report them. The reporting method has some tips:


  • We are playing with them or against that player, open their scoreboard and hold the key.


  • Click the right button on the boosted player and its shows the “Report” just clicks that.


  • The Report shows some check boxes and clicks that finally click the “Submit” button.

We can use these steps to report the boosted player. The game to be played only direct and supported way.